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ninja mega

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System features fifteen hundred watts of power and works as four different machines in one. It’s a kitchen appliance that’s very feature-heavy, but it’s mainly known as the best blender for green smoothies. However, once you become familiar with this model, you’ll be blown away by everything it can do, from making dough to creating the perfect smoothies and milkshakes.

Our Verdict
The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is essentially four appliances in one. While some may complain that this model can take up a ton of counter space, the fact that it can work as a food processor, juicer, dough maker, and blender in one actually means that you’re saving quite a bit of space, not to mention money. This model also comes with several extras including three blades, a food processor bowl, and a mini prep bowl.

Unfortunately, this model can be complicated to assemble, at least the first few times you use it since it has so many attachments and parts. Fortunately, the built-in safety feature prevents the machine from firing up if you don’t attach a component properly. This blender can handle making green juice, smoothies, mixing and kneading dough, grating cheese, chopping up ingredients for your evening meal, making milkshakes, and so much more. If you’re in need of a model that can do a lot more than just blend up ingredients for your next smoothie, then this kitchen appliance is the answer. While the initial cost may be a little steep for some, considering its versatility, you’ll save a lot of cash in the long run.

Overview and Features of Best Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this is model comes with a steep price tag. But if you don’t already have a food processor, a juicer, a mixer, and a blender, then, if you do the math, you’re actually saving two to three hundred dollars. But the big drawback here is the fact that this isn’t exactly the easiest model to learn how to use. So, is it really worth the trouble?

This blender has an eye-catching modern gray and black design that will complement any kitchen. It weighs in at sixteen and a half pounds, so as you can imagine, this model will take up some serious counter space. But considering it can do the job of four appliances in one, then you’ll actually end up saving some space. This model can work as a juicer, it can mix batters and doughs, works as a food processor, and of course, acts as the ultimate blender.

In terms of its performance as a blender, this model can be used for your average blending jobs and comes equipped with the standard-sized seventy-two-ounce pitcher. However, it also comes with a small single-serving cup, so you can make a smoothie for on the go use.

As a food processor, you can use the included sixty-four ounce bowl or a mini-prep bowl that’s perfect for creating single-serving portions.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

ninja mega

  • Mixer
  • Food processor
  • Can handle green leafy veggies
  • Mini prep bowl
  • Fifteen hundred watts of power
  • Works as a juicer

Power of Ninja Mega Kitchen

Since it’s packing fifteen hundred watts, it can easily outperform most dedicated food processors, which have an average of five to six hundred watts. This type of wattage may seem like overkill, but if you’re looking for a model that can literally handle any type of produce, nut, grind coffee beans, and turn out smoothies with the perfect consistency, this is the type of power you need.


When used as a blender, this model can easily pulverize any ingredient, turning it into a puree or mush. The blender’s blade is equipped with total crushing technology, which means you can fill up the pitcher with ice and it will completely pulverize the ice for iced drinks like margaritas, or you can even make your own snow cones. In blender mode, this model offers three speeds to choose from, in addition to the pulse setting.

Food Processor

As a food processor, the included bowl has a large eight-cup capacity. Also included is a dough blade and chopping blade. When used for dough, you can mix up to two pounds in under a minute.


Want to create your own green juice, or enjoy some freshly squeezed orange juice? Even a dedicated juicer will struggle with making green juice since leafy greens tend to catch on the blades and can cause low-powered blenders and juicers to overheat, but not this model.

For juicing you can use the two included sixteen-ounce cups which come with their own special to-go lids. It also features an extractor blade, which you can use for tougher fruits and leafy green veggies. To learn more about juicing, be sure to read my article on top juicing tips.

Quick Start Guide – Ninja Mega Kitchen

ninja mega

The included quick start guide will give you in-depth information concerning how to use this model, listing what it can do, how to clean and maintain it, and what types of fruits, veggies, and the other foods it can handle.

Recipe Book

Want to get creative? Then take advantage of the included recipe book which features recipes for cold-pressed juice, smoothies, shakes, bread, pudding, custards, and more.

Care and Maintenance

The containers, including the food processor bowl, pitcher, and the included cups are all BPA-free and dishwasher safe. To clean the base, use a wet sponge to wipe it down.


So, what type of food can this model prepare? What extra features can you use when the blender is in food processor mode, dough kneading mode, or when it’s used as a juicer?

Fire up the blender, adjust the power speed, and use the pulse function if you’re pureeing tough veggies or fruits. The pulse feature also works as a tamper and will push the food down into the blades.

When in food processor mode, this model can chop veggies, fruits, and nuts. Make your own baby food, salad mixes such as coleslaw or kale salad, or use the mini prep bowl to make crumbs for a topping or piecrust, or grate cheese.

If you’re using the blender as a food processor, you can use the same bowl with the dough attachment to knead dough in under thirty seconds.

Ease of Use

Considering all of the functions and the different attachments, this model isn’t exactly beginner-friendly. As a built-in safety precaution, if the user doesn’t correctly attach the required parts a red light will flash and the blender will not fire up. Additionally, disassembling the blender and breaking it down for cleaning can be as equally complicated.

If you find yourself struggling to use this model, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website to watch video tutorials that go over how to use this blender in juicing mode, as a food processor, when you’re making dough, or as a standard blender. You can also visit the FAQ section where you’ll find tips and tricks, in addition to troubleshooting advice.


The blades for the mini prep bowl, food processor bowl, and the large pitcher are all removable, for easier cleaning. However, you must take extreme caution if you’re washing these blades by hand since they’re incredibly sharp.


As I mentioned earlier, this model comes with several containers. First, is the seventy-two-ounce blender pitcher. It also comes with a sixty-four-ounce food processor bowl, a sixteen-ounce single-serving cup, and a twenty-four-ounce prep bowl.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Best Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Pros of Ninja Mega Kitchen

  • Juicer
  • Food processor
  • Mixer
  • Easy to clean
  • Serving cups included
  • Fifteen hundred watts of power
  • Dishwasher safe pitcher, cups, and bowls
  • All containers are BPA-free

Cons of Ninja Mega Kitchen

  • Can take up too much counter space

The Ninja Mega Kitchen Versus Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

You’ve learned that the Ninja can work as a food processor, juicer, blender, and dough mixer, so how does it compare to the Oster blender Pro? The competing model features twelve hundred watts, not the fifteen hundred watts that make the Ninja one of the most powerful models on the market. However, while the Ninja only offers three speed settings, the Oster offers seven, not to mention a ten-year warranty dual direction blade action for top blending power, and three pre-programmed settings.

However, it’s not quite as versatile as this model and cannot knead dough or carry out the same duties as a food processor, but if you’re looking for a dedicated blender and you don’t care about the Ninja’s extra features, then the Oster blender is a steal for the price.

Conclusion and Rating of Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

ninja megaIf you already own a juicer and a food processor, then you may not be as impressed with the Ninja Mega Kitchen as some buyers. If you don’t, then you’ll love what this appliance can do. While the initial cost may be high, in terms of its multifunction capabilities, this model is worth every penny.

This blender is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a reliable, powerful blender, or those looking to upgrade their current appliances. With this model, you can save time, space, storage, and money. If you need four different appliances, and you’re looking for a blender that can do so much more, then this impressive kitchen appliance has all the features you need. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.