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The BBL620 by Breville, also known as the Fresh and Furious blender, is a redesign of one of their past big sellers, the BBL605XL. It comes loaded with an eleven hundred watt motor and some other great features, such as blending programs, an easy to clean design, and an LCD touchscreen, which makes choosing the perfect setting a cinch. However, this model doesn’t come equipped with the type of power you’ll need to blend certain types of fruits and veggies, which can potentially be a deal-breaker for some smoothie drinkers.

Our Verdict
This model is not a high-performance blender, instead, it’s designed to handle light to medium blending tasks. It comes with a smoothie and green smoothie program, however, it tends to struggle to finely blend leafy green veggies. It’s also not able to blend or chop up any type of tough produce, which can be a big drawback for potential buyers. However, it can handle soft fruits and veggies and can be used to make regular smoothies, soups, dips, salsa, hummus, and more. But if you’re looking for a blender that you can use specifically to make green smoothies, then you’ll need to keep looking.

Overview and Features

The blender’s high torque motor, combined with the innovative blade design allows for a powerful performance, without all the noise. The blades themselves are made out of surgical-grade stainless steel, which works to keep the blades sharper, for longer. The blender’s blending programs make it easy for the beginner to make their favorite blended drink, dip, salsa, nut milk, or smoothie. Really, with this machine, the possibilities are endless.


Our Rating:(4/5)


  • Five speed settings
  • Four blending programs
  • Can make frozen desserts
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Low price
  • LCD touchscreen


The exterior of the blender is made out of a die-cast heavy-duty metal, which gives you the impression that this is one tough blender, but in reality, it only comes with eleven hundred watts of power. Because of this, the blender is only able to handle light to medium blending and chopping tasks.


The blender features a fifty-ounce BPA-free container that’s made out of lightweight material. On the side, it features a clear measuring guide. Keep in mind, this container is not designed to handle blending hot foods or liquids.

Blade Design

The six-prong blade design is made out of surgical stainless steel to ensure the blades remain sharp for a longer period of time.

LCD Screen

The LCD display complete with a timer, works by counting down for pre-preprogrammed settings and counting up for speed settings. The bright display makes it easy for you to choose the right setting or blending program, using dedicated buttons for crushing ice, making green smoothies, regular smoothies, and more.


Like other top-selling models, this blender is equipped with a self-cleaning feature. All you need to do is fill the container with warm water and a few drops of soap, hit the self-clean button and the machine will roar to life and efficiently clean the blades and container in just sixty-seconds.


This model can easily handle most types of soft fruits and veggies, although it does struggle with leafy greens such as kale and spinach. If you fill-up the container with leafy greens then you’ll be left with roughly chopped or chunky final results. Since this isn’t exactly the best blender for green smoothies, some potential buyers may see this as a big drawback. Even if you use the green smoothie program, you won’t get the type of smooth liquid you’re looking for.



If you’re looking for a model that will allow you to make your favorite nut milk, then you’ll need to keep looking. It’s simply not able to completely pulverize nuts to the type of liquified consistency that you’ll need to make almond or cashew milk. In fact, the results can be best described as grainy. This also means you won’t want to add any nuts to your smoothie, another strike against this machine.


This model can handle some simple juicing recipes for beginners. However, since it’s not able to easily handle leafy greens, you’ll be pretty limited with the types of juice you can make.

Frozen Desserts

This model can shave standard-sized ice cubes, turning them into a snow-like consistency. It can handle up to one full tray of ice cubes per blending session. If you want to make sorbet, you’ll need to add some liquid along with the fruit in order for the blades to thoroughly process the ingredients.


This model isn’t made to process hot ingredients, so you’ll need to allow any cooked veggies to cool down before you blend or chop them up for a pot of soup.


This machine can handle soft fruits and veggies, and can only puree tough root veggies if they have been cooked beforehand. The blender cannot process raw root veggies or tough veggies. In fact, processing any type of veggie with a thick texture can potentially cause the motor to overheat, which will trigger the automatic shutdown feature.

According to the manufacturer, you should not process a heavy-textured mixture for more than ten seconds, at which point, you’ll need to stop the machine for a period of five seconds before firing it back up again and continuing with the pureeing process.

Food Prep

If you have some light duty prep work to do, this blender can handle it like a champ. It can make salad dressing, hummus, marinades, sauces, and a dip. However, in order to make each dish properly, you’ll need to add enough liquid.


If you don’t have a coffee bean grinder, you can use this model to grind up enough beans for a few pots of coffee at a time. It can also handle soft grains, such as oats, but it’s not tough enough to use to mill rice flour.


If you don’t have a mixer, you can use this blender to mix up batter for pancakes, waffles, or cake. You can also use it to thoroughly mix up cookie dough.


This model comes with a total of five speed options and four blending programs. It features an LCD timer that will count down when the blending programs are used, so you’ll know how long each program will take. It will also count up when you use the five speed settings.

The mix setting will use the number one speed setting, which is obviously the lowest power setting. The chop setting uses the number two speed setting, while the blending function uses the number three speed setting. Puree will use the number four speed setting and five is used for the liquify blending option. Each speed setting is designed to run for one hundred and twenty seconds, after which point, the machine will automatically shut off.

Blending Programs

The four included blending programs include:

  • Smoothie
  • Ice crush/auto pulse
  • Green smoothie
  • Auto clean

If the blender didn’t achieve the desired results, you can restart a program. Each program comes with an intelligent sensor, which will tell the motor to shut down once the food has been processed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Breville Blender Machine

Pros of Breville Machine

  • Five speed settings
  • Four blending programs
  • Lightweight design
  • Fifty-ounce blending container
  • Durable base
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Low price

Cons of Breville

  • Cannot handle leafy green veggies
  • Cannot chop up tough root veggies
  • Low-powered motor

Breville Machine Versus Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender

There really is no competition when it comes to the Ninja Mega kitchen versus this model by Breville. To start, the Ninja features a much larger container that comes in at seventy-two ounces. It also comes with an eight-cup food processor bow, two sixteen-ounce nutrition cups complete with lids, which can be used for individual smoothies, and a powerful fifteen hundred watt base.

Basically, the Ninja can do everything the Breville cannot, including make nut milk and nut butters, chop up and blend tough root veggies, make green smoothies, and the container can also handle hot liquids. However, with more features and a higher-powered motor comes a steep price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, then stick with the Breville, but if you can afford the higher cost, go for the blender that’s more powerful and versatile.

Conclusion and Rating of Breville Machine

Our Rating:(4/5)

BrevilleThis Breville comes loaded with features including an LCD touchscreen, five speed settings, and four blending programs, however, it’s pretty limited in terms of what types of fruits and veggies it can handle blending. The blender struggles with leafy green veggies, providing choppy, unevenly blended results.

It also has a hard time with tough root veggies, which can potentially cause the machine to overheat. For soft fruits and veggies, it works well. It can also handle mixing doughs and batter, making dips, salsa, soups, and some types of frozen desserts. If you’re looking for a blender that you can use for your favorite green smoothie, this model isn’t it, but it can handle light to medium blending jobs, easily. I gave this blender a rating of four out of five stars.