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Cleanblend Blender - Best Commercial Blender for 2021

This Cleanblend blender is solidly built, is feature heavy, and it’s considered one of the best blenders for green smoothies. It’s also convenient to use, beginner-friendly, and very versatile. It’s a high-performance blender that comes complete with a powerful motor that will allow you to handle a variety of fruits and veggies, so you can get creative in the kitchen and experiment with different ingredients for your morning smoothie. This Cleanblend Blender Review will help you whether you should buy one or not.

Our Verdict
An affordable, high-performance blender that comes equipped with a variable speed dial, a large shatterproof pitcher, and blending power that allows you to handle fruits, fibrous veggies, ice, and nuts, you can use the included recipe book to create your own dips, soups, salsas, smoothies, milkshakes, and more.

 However, with the speed dial, the model doesn’t offer the user precise control over the blending process. Additionally, you’ll find that you need to be careful when crushing ice. In fact, the pitcher should only be filled halfway, otherwise, you’ll end up with ice that has a snow-like consistency on top and large chunks of ice at the bottom of the pitcher. While this blender isn’t perfect, it can handle green leafy veggies and other challenging produce that low-powered models just can’t.

Overview and Features

Who says you have to pay a few hundred dollars for a high-performance blender? This is an affordable model that features a powerful eighteen hundred watt motor. For a blender in this price range, this type of power is pretty impressive. It comes with a sixty-four ounce shatterproof BPA-free pitcher, which comes complete with a tamper which will help you move the ingredients closer to the blades for improved blending results.

This model doesn’t come with any blending presets, which can be a drawback for some potential buyers. Instead, it comes with a simple knob that allows you to turn up or lower the power. This lack of control can make it difficult for some users to achieve the desired results, especially their first few times using this blender.

Blender By Cleanblend: Smoothie Blender

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Cleanblend - Best Commercial Blender for 2021

  • Variable speed dial
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Eighteen hundred watt motor
  • Five-year warranty
  • Recipe book
  • Quiet-running


The blades are made out of stainless steel and come equipped with stainless steel sealed ball bearings.

Power of Cleanblend

As I mentioned, this model has an eighteen hundred watt motor. It also features a manual speed dial, in addition to a pulse button.


The manufacturer offers a full five-year warranty, that covers manufacturing defects, the motor, and pitcher.

Blending Power: What this Blender Can Do

  • This model can blend pretty much anything you need it to. It can make creamy smoothies, crush ice, make soup, chop up ingredients, and puree. It’s also great for making iced coffee and blended frozen drinks. The sharp blades can also pulverize nuts, so you can make your own nut butters in a matter of minutes. It can also mill flour like a champ. So if you want to make oat, almond, coconut, or corn flour, this machine has the power you need to finely blend up even the most challenging ingredients.
  • This blender can make green smoothies with perfect consistency, thanks to the high-powered motor and sharp blade system. For leafy greens, this model can reduce kale, spinach, and collard greens to a nice smooth consistency. Since leafy greens are very fibrous, most blenders struggle during the blending process.

In fact, it’s one of the most common foods that are known to cause a blender to work overtime and overheat. But this blender can chop and blend even the most challenging greens in a matter of seconds.

  • Since it can easily crush leafy greens, you can also use this blender for juicing. If you’ve heard about many of the health benefits of green juice and want to learn how to make your own nutrient-packed drinks, click here to read my article on the best juicing recipes for weight loss.
  • If you want to crush or pulverize ice to make your favorite drink, this model can change ice into a snow-like consistency. However, when you’re crushing ice, make sure you avoid crushing more than one cup of ice at a time. If you add too much ice the blender can struggle to achieve the ideal consistency. For ice, you’ll need to place the blender on the highest setting.


Best Commercial Blender for 2021

While this model is quieter and lighter than most competing models of high-performance blenders, its design is pretty basic. The base of the blender is a deep black and features a sleek design with controls that consist of one knob and a switch for pulse and the on and off power button. The simplicity of the controls can make this model more beginner-friendly but it doesn’t really give you precise control over the blending process. The variable speed settings don’t offer much of a difference from one setting to the next. Additionally, the height of the blender can make it difficult to leave out on the counter at all times, especially if you have low hung kitchen cabinets.

Noise Level

If you’re looking for a blender you can use early in the morning, without waking up the entire family, then you’ll love this model’s performance. It’s much quieter than competing models, despite its powerful motor. In fact, the noise level is so low you can easily hold a conversation without raising your voice.

Recipe Book

If you need a blender that can whip up your favorite soup, then you’ll love the included hot bisque recipes that make it simple for you to create your own soups in a matter of minutes.

Did you know you can also use this blender to make ice cream? Use the included recipe book and create your own freshly made ice cream, add fruit, brownies, nuts, and more.

Of course, you won’t find any shortage of smoothie recipes in the included recipe book.

If you’re tired of your daily green smoothie, check out the included antioxidant, berry, and protein smoothies for nutrient-packed drinks that will keep you feeling full until your next meal.

Love hummus? Now, imagine making your own hummus at home, in your new blender, in a matter of seconds. You’ll find recipes for spinach dips, spicy dips, and edamame hummus.

If the recipe book doesn’t have any recipes you’re interested in, then visit the Cleanblend website for more recipes and blending ideas.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • BPA-free, shatterproof pitcher
  • Stainless steel blade system
  • Eighteen hundred watt motor
  • Includes tamper
  • Five-year warranty
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Variable speed options


  • No preset options
  • Can struggle with crushing a full pitcher of ice

Cleanblend Versus Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

The competing model, the Nutri Ninja is a countertop blender that comes equipped with Auto iO technology, blending programs, and a large seventy-two-ounce pitcher. It can easily handle pulverizing a full pitcher of ice, unlike this model. It also gives users more control over the blending process so you can achieve ideal results.

However, it comes with a twelve hundred watt motor, while this model features an eighteen hundred watt motor. This tells me that the Cleanblend model can handle tougher fruits and veggies, although the competing blender does have a reputation for power and efficiency. Both models are available at a comparable price, however, the Nutri Ninja will give you more options in terms of blending programs and techniques. This may be enough to make buyers take a second look. However, since the competing model comes with so many moving parts and features, it’s not quite as beginner-friendly as the Cleanblend blender.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Commercial Blender for 2021The Cleanblend blender is a great high-performance model that’s reasonably priced. It may not be able to outperform models that are set at twice the price, however, it does feature a powerful motor that will take on even the most challenging veggies and fruits with ease. Its simple design doesn’t give you precise control over the blending process, but it does make this model beginner-friendly. The quiet-running motor is perfect for people who want to whip up a smoothie first thing in the morning, without waking up the whole house. Bottom line, this is a high-powered, low-maintenance model that’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, and a steal for the price. I gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.